Can you ESCAPE the Escape Zone???

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Pagosa escape zoneAntoinette Lucero-Rivas , owner of the Pagosa Escape Zone, was born and raised in Pagosa Springs. Her family has been here for so many generations, that her grandparents were the seventh people to ever register their vehicle in the county and the very first to own a backhoe. Her roots are deep in this area and she is excited to be able to offer something fun to do in town that everyone can enjoy.

Pagosa Escape Zone is exactly what it sounds like. It is a room with clues that need to be figured out in order for you to escape (….and it’s in Pagosa Springs).  Fear not claustrophobic friends, you’re not actually trapped in a room and can leave at any time. The purpose of the escape room is to find clues and solve puzzles as a group (family, friends, strangers, co workers etc.). Solve the mysteries of the room and get the combination of the “door lock” before the 60 minute timer runs out.

Clues are given along the way but the outcome is entirely up to the group and how well they work collectively. This team building exercise is a fun way to bring people together and a way to test your smarts against the clock.

Escape zone engagementThere are many hidden gems in Pagosa Springs for people to enjoy and the Escape Zone is definitely top on the list. Antoinette told us about a surprise engagement she and the group had planned as part of the room itself. “It was great. She had no idea. And they were able to solve the room in under 60 minutes even with the excitement of the proposal.”  Birthdays, engagements, bachelor and bachelorette parties, work and family building, you name it.  The Escape Zone is a fun way to entertain and build great relationships in the process, even between strangers. “We’ve had total strangers at the beginning trading numbers and making lunch plans by the time they were done.” That’s what the Escape Zone is all about.

So how exactly does the Escape Zone work? Teams are “locked” (never truly) in a room with hidden secrets and puzzles that need to be solved in order for the final code to be found to “unlock” the door and stop the timer.Though that doesn’t sound difficult, it is more complex than one thinks, especially while time is slowly running out.

Can you beat the clock? Find out if you can! The Escape Zone in Pagosa Springs is open in 2 locations with completely different themes. “Treasure of the Rocky Mountains” will have you searching for clues using Forrest Fenn’s treasure as a guide while the “1980s Murder Mystery” will take you back to the Clue days.

Groups of 2-8 can enjoy the mystery of one or the other.  Larger groups can compete to see who finishes first between the two locations. The themes do change periodically, so you can revisit the escape room multiple times throughout the year!

The escape zone is fun for the entire family, whether you have an angsty teen or older family member. Ages 8-80+ have enjoyed the surprise of working together to beat the clock, now it’s your turn! Schedule your Escape Zone group today and see how well you do!

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Pagosa Escape Zone

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Pagosa Escape Zone is a locally owned and operated business here in Pagosa Springs.

Pagosa Now would like to remind you to support local businesses wherever you may travel!

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