Gleewood Band Interview

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Gleewood, a New Mexico folk, blues, rock`n`roll band will be playing at Riff Raff Brewing Company, March 29th at 6pm. (See more info on Riff Raff’s Event page.)

If you haven’t had a chance to see or hear them play, now’s your chance. The smooth sounding duo accompanied with their full band will be performing music that has been described as “Coffee and cream with a shot of whiskey.” (Why We Listen, LA)

Hear them perform ‘Running From The Man (Lonely Mountain Version)

Gleewood CDs: “Gleewood” “Sweet, Sweet Time”

 “Gleewood” itself is a medieval term used to reference an instrument similar to what we now call the guitar, and was used by the traveling minstrels of the age which can be translated into “the happy guitar.”

minstrel [min-struh l] noun 1. a medieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument, either as a member of a noble household or as an itinerant troubadour. 2. a musician, singer, or poet.

As travelling musicians Jhett and Callie Sioux have seen the world like so many can only dream. Their experiences show in the talent of their music.  Even with their hectic schedule, Callie Sioux took the time to talk with us.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Hmmm… adventurous, hopeful, and fierce…maybe?  

You’ve travelled all over the world. What is the most memorable road you’ve been on?

Soo many! My personal favorites are the A890 and the A87 through Scotland; Highway 246 through my stomping grounds in South Central New Mexico from Ruidoso to my families ranch, and Highway 10 from Ruidoso, NM to San Francisco, CA which is the road Jhett and I took on our honeymoon and wrote the song,”Cisco Lights” from our first album. For touring with the band Chama to Pagosa Springs, US Highway 84, that is God’s country. Just gorgeous. And very, very memorable the G78 from Kunming China in Yunnan province to the Stone Forest (also in Yunnan, China).

If you could play with anyone, anywhere,  who and where would it be?

oooh…. KT Tunstall (Scotland), Robert Plant (Anywhere), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Austin City Limits), and Billie Holiday (some smokey speakeasy in the basement of an apartment building in the 1930s).

When touring, what do you like to do when you’re in each town?

Coffee! Find the best coffee in town. Winter time we snowboard and Summer time we disc golf.

What is playing on your playlist right now?

Everyday Lindisfarne and The Pentangle (Folk-Rock bands from the UK from the 60’s) and the Guess Who. There is a great roots rock, blues rock playlist on Spotify that I follow that has a bunch of my favorite artists.

What is the prettiest picture you’ve taken this week? (Please share ????)

I am terrible at taking pictures, I am always captured in the moment that I forget to pull the phone out and snap one so this is one from last week. This photo was snapped on this tour and we went from snowy, rainy mountains down to this Mediterranean looking lake in Eastern Washington. Photo is attached below.

Will you be performing ‘Runnin’ From the Man (Lonely Mountain Version)’ in Pagosa at the Riff Raff Brewing Co. on March 29th? Tell us a bit about the song.

We will actually be performing the full band version of the song at Riff Raff, its called the Lonely Mountain Version on the album because we didn’t have a drummer for it in the recording so we just did a duo version, haha.

‘Runnin’ From the Man’ was written over the course of two tours through the States. In one year we went from Coast to Coast and in between in 4 months. It was insane! We started in New Mexico went up through the Southwest and played in Reno, Nevada. We were stranded due to vehicle issues in Reno in this bad part of town for 2 days and the hostel that we stayed at was right on a busy street for some crazy action. Two days we hung around there waiting for our vehicle to get fixed meanwhile the  people outside were banging on the walls all night long and hollerin’ and yellin’ and just insanity.

After that we went through the PNW and went to Idaho for the first time and were shocked at how cool it was (shh.. you didn’t hear it from me, keep it a secret 😉 ). After that we went to Colorado and played the last days of the XGames in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado. We arrived with our van and trailer and got dumped on! Literally 3ft of snow in 48 hours and we were stuck there for 3 days. Our band members had to be farmed out to various people for a place to stay and we lost everybody those 3 days.

After that experience we got kinda tired and burned out. We determined to go on a duo tour through the South with our buddy, Tom Bennett, to recoup, find our voices again and see a very inspiring part of the states when it comes to music. And all this time, on every tour, we were constantly running against the clock, “Father Time” as we say. I think that all of us have that urgency in our lives through work or whatever. We talk about the craziness of touring and road life in the song and how tiring it is, but we still love it which is why we end the song with a request from those that bury us in our graves. We ask that you leave us with the tools to keep writing music. I don’t think we will slow down in eternity either. When we die and be with the Lord, I think we will be able to fill our calendar with touring Heaven. After all there is going to be some great musicians there.

Thank you again! We love Pagosa Springs to death and we can’t wait to play there in March.

29mar6:00 pm10:00 pmGleewood6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Riff Raff Brewing

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