Horseback Riding in Pagosa Springs

Experience a real Southwestern adventure from a saddle.

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Horseback Riding

Pagosa Springs horseback riding
Pagosa Springs horseback riding


Many of the local outfitters offer guided horseback trail rides for individuals and groups.  Ambitious riders can reserve over night pack trips at some outfitters.

You will want to call in advance to schedule your ride, your guide will likely have your horses ready to go when you arrive.

It’s typical to meet the guide at the stables where riders will sign liability forms and get saddled up.

The guide knows best, they will adjust your stirrups and choose the best horse for the appropriate rider.

Horseback riding in Pagosa Springs

Be prepared for the weather

It is recommended to bring water and appropriate clothing, such as long pants (to protect your legs) and a hat for the sun or a windbreaker for the breeze that you will receive from being up on top of a tall horse.  Sun block is a good idea, as well as gloves.

Horses saddled and ready for riding

Horseback Riding in the San Juan National Forest

The San Juan National Forest has almost 3 million acres of forest open to horseback riders.  Most outfitters will guide you through their favorite trails in the San Juan National Forest.  There are many trails and beautiful riding locations in South Western Colorado.

Trail ride group

Traveling With Horses

Many people who bring horses with them to Pagosa Springs choose to go camping.  There are a few campgrounds near by that have hitching posts and corrals specifically for horseback riders.

Teenager riding a horseIf you brought a horse trailer with you it would be a good idea to check with the Pagosa Springs Forest Service Office for trailheads that have trailer horse accessible parking.

If you brought your hooved friends with you, there are some boarding locations around Pagosa Springs that will keep your horses safe while you’re hitting the town. Pagosa Springs boarding for horses.

Pagosa Springs Rodeo

The Pagosa Springs Rodeo is a fun outdoor event for all ages, where you can watch skilled horseback riders compete with each other in many impressive challenges.

The 2018 Pagosa Springs rodeo, the Red Ryder Roundup will be on July 4 though July 6.

Archuleta County Fair2018 Archuleta County Fair

This is another great event to consider visiting Pagosa Springs if you love horses.

The Archuleta County Fair has a Ranch Rodeo and Horse Show, you can also see many beautiful animals at the auction.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Many people come to Pagosa Springs to learn about bettering their horsemanship.  Parelli’s has an incredible campus and hosts a variety of classes, expos, clinics, and other special events.

Learn more about Parelli

Pagosa Now wants to hear about your experiences on a horse!  Please share with us in the comments below.


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