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Good Earth Meds, located at 600 Cloman Blvd. #1, is one of four locally owned and operated dispensaries located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Since 2009 Good Earth Meds has had it’s doors open and there is no sign of it slowing down. Bill Delany, owner, has seen the growth in the cannabis industry but believes we still have a long way to go. “It’s coming along faster by State but on the Federal level it’s not.  Banking is still horrible among other things.”

That’s not the only thing slow to catch up. Although the cannabis industry has a large amount of women owned businesses and product producers, growers for the dispensaries are predominantly male.  Stacey Hitzeman, master grower for GEM, is one of a few women master growers in the state.  Stacey started out working in the dispensary and eventually found her way to the grow room where she has been for five years.  “I took a year off but have been back since August and things are better than ever!” Pagosa Now was able to take a tour of the grow area and talk with Stacey about growing cannabis.

“There’s a lot of patience involved.  When you’re growing outside it takes longer.  Under controlled conditions it’s a lot faster, but it still takes time.  The demand is high but you can only grow so fast and still retain the quality.”  All of Good Earth Meds flowers come from in house (meaning it is grown on site).  “You always have the option of supplementing from another company but we rarely do that.  When it gets really busy in the summer we may have to, but I try to stay ahead of the store so we don’t get to that point.”  In preparation for the Fall/Winter Stacey has three new strains to add she’s excited about:  Sour Maui, Irie OG, and Blueberry Headband.

When asked for any advice for people interested in growing on their own Stacey recommended to just “Go for it.  Everyone has their own way of growing.  Do the research and see what works for you.  It’ll only improve.”

Get your seeds and cannabis products from Good Earth Meds (Must be 21+!)

Mary’s Medicinals CBD products are popular

Good Earth Meds sells recreational marijuana but sees the highest selling new products are CBD’s (mainly meant for pain without the ‘high’ or psychoactive qualities).  “We started off as medical only, then added recreational.  When the laws changed we had to go completely recreational because of the small size of our grow.  It was just too much to have both.  It’s all medical whether you realize it or not.  When you’re smoking “just to relax”, that’s a medical benefit” says Bill.

Over the recent years the legalization on the state level has risen and acceptance is growing.  The stereotypes are breaking and the cannabis industry is booming.  “We’re proud to have been able to provide and maintain dozens of jobs throughout the years. We’re happy to serve locals and tourists alike, and help educate the people who do want to know more.  Marijuana deserves a chance as an alternative. People are starting to see that.”

Good Earth Meds offers a wide variety of products for people over the age of 21.  Visit their dispensary at 600 Cloman Blvd. #1, Pagosa Springs, right across from the Humane Society, as well as their website:  Good Earth Meds.

Good Earth Meds is a locally owned and operated business in Pagosa Springs.  Remember when visiting to support local business as well as chains to help support our local economy.

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