Treasure Falls Colorado

Planning a hike to Treasure Falls.

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Treasure Falls Waterfall
Observation deck at Treasure Falls
Photo credit: Colocalders

Treasure Falls is a frequently visited sightseeing destination in Southwestern Colorado, named by its location on Treasure Mountain.

Located on the West side of Wolf Creek Pass on Hwy 160, East of Pagosa Springs, CO.

There is a short developed trail leading to the Treasure Falls observation area.

How did Treasure Mountain get its name?

The original name of the peak was Citadel Mountain, but was renamed Treasure Mountain after a mining expedition supposedly found gold before they ended up losing their riches. The folklore of Treasure Mountain begins in the 1700s and tells of a French expedition prospecting for gold in the Rocky Mountains. They checked many creeks and streams then relocated several times.


After supposedly finding a large amount of gold their relationships with local Native Americans went bad, the gold was buried and maps were drawn of its location, then the expedition escaped.
They were pursued by warriors and only one made it back to Kansas alive.


More recently, a local area family, who claims to be direct descendants of Le Blanc, professes to be in possession of an authentic map written in French. Supposedly, for three generations they have been quietly searching for the lost cache. After years of search, the family members claim to have located seven of the eight landmarks that are mentioned on the map. Legends of America

Do I have time to visit Treasure Falls?

With so many things to do in Pagosa Springs, do I have time to visit Treasure Falls?  If you enjoy short trip to the woods, you can fully experience Treasure Falls in about 2 hours.

Easy to find parking is location on Hwy 160 by the trailhead for a developed loop trail, you won’t need a map or any supplies.

A switchback trail will take hikers closer to the plunge base, called the “Misty Deck” where hikers can view and feel the spray of the falls.

Treasure falls is well developed and a popular sight, many people take the time to visit.  There are markers along the trail that provide local biology information.

Frozen Treasure Falls
Photo credit: Colorado Life Mag

A great spot to bring kids.

Bring your children here, this is a fun place for kid to use their energy.

Treasure Falls is a pretty location to consider having a picnic with friends and family.

Spending an afternoon at Treasure Falls won’t cost any money and is one of the prettiest outdoor excursions to make. If you don’t have your schedule packed full, Pagosa Now recommends a visit.

Expert tip for visiting during winter.

Bring a thermos of hot chocolate mixed extra rich, this will keep you and your group happy when the cold mountain air catches up with you.

Trasure Falls from Pagosa Springs

Treasure Fall is a short drive from Pagosa Springs, under 20 minutes if you start from downtown.

Pagosa Springs to Treasure Falls

Near-by waterfalls

Piedra Falls Fourmile Falls Lean Creek FallsSilver Falls
Tumbling down volcanic cliffs in two large steps, Piedra Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Pagosa Area.

The hike to the falls is about 15 to 30 minutes each way and is located north on Piedra Road.

An easy to moderate 3 mile hike each way reveals a spectacular double waterfall north of Pagosa Springs. The hike includes breathtaking views of Eagle Mountain (12,007′) and Pagosa Peak (12,640′).

For the more adventurous, continue past the falls, following the trail up, you will come to a 2nd set of falls in the distance. The falls are located north on Fourmile Road.

Located at the confluence of Lean Creek and the middle fork of the Piedra River, this tall, narrow waterfall is only accessible from about late July or early August.

Visitors have to scramble over ledges and walk through the river to reach the falls, about a mile hike.

To reach these scenic falls, travel about eight miles on East Fork Road (off of Hwy 160).

The historic Silver Falls Forest Service Guard Station is visible on the left side of the road. Hike past the building about one-eighth of a mile to reach the base of the falls.

Pagosa Springs waterfall hiking map


Treasure falls can be a fast sightseeing adventure, an ideal spot to stretch your legs before coming into Pagosa Springs. 

Share your pictures and adventures at Treasure Falls with Pagosa Now!


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